About SeeSay
SeeSay is an email service that shares links, attachments and images in your emails and tracks them as they spread.
SeeSay replaces links in emails with short URLs
SeeSay replaces every link in the email message with a short URL. SeeSay also replaces every link in each <img> tag with a short URL that redirects to the original image. You can follow the clicks on your links even when your friends forward your email.
SeeSay replaces attachments with links to online copies
SeeSay saves an attachment in an email online and places the link to the saved copy at the top of the message. Unlike a regular email which has to make a copy of the attachment for each recipient, SeeSay uses a single copy. SeeSay tracks these clicks and tells you how many people viewed your document.
SeeSay replaces embedded images with online images
There are two kinds of images in a HTML email - online images and images that you include from your computer. SeeSay replaces an online image' link with a short URL that redirects to the image. Images you include from your computer are saved online and the HTML image is made to point to the saved online version. These replacements do not change the way your message looks but it allows SeeSay to track your images when they are viewed by others.
You can share links within SeeSay and follow other members
You can share links, attachments and images in each email with anyone, 'contacts', 'friends' or 'family'. When you exchange an email with someone, he/she becomes your 'contact'. You can explicitly mark others as 'friends' or 'family'. The groups are cumulative - a person you mark as a 'friend' can see every link you share with 'anyone', 'contacts' and 'friends' but he/she cannot see the links you share with 'family'. You can follow any other member of SeeSay and see the links he/she shares with you. Your contact settings are not visible to others.
You can customize when and how SeeSay shares links in your FaceBook and Twitter accounts
SeeSay can automatically posts the links you send to your accounts in FaceBook and Twitter. You connect SeeSay to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts in one easy step (OAuth). You can choose to post links only when you specify "" as one of the email recipients. You can choose to share links only in messages you compose and not in replies and forwards. You can post the link with either the email subject or the title of the web page pointed by the link.
You can see the most popular links sent from all SeeSay emails
SeeSay publishes the most popular links among all the links from SeeSay emails. Popularity is the number of clicks on the link in the previous time period as people read it from email systems, FaceBook and Twitter. The popularity list is currently updated every hour. You can subsribe to the list as a RSS feed at .
You can share privately
SeeSay never shares your comments or contacts. It only shares links, attachments and images. Also, others cannot see that you sent a link, attachment or a picture, unless you share it in your profile. The links, attachments and pictures themselves are public and anyone can see them.
Your friends can be on any email service
SeeSay is a regular email service with automatic sharing. Your friends can be on any email service. You can send and receive emails from other email services, just like a regular email.
You can use SeeSay from any email client application
You can use SeeSay from any email(POP3) client software like Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, IPhone and Android. Set your incoming and outgoing servers in your email client to and, and use TLS authentication for the outgoing server. You can even use SeeSay from within Gmail - set up SeeSay as a POP3 account and ask Gmail to use SeeSay's SMTP server.
SeeSay is a startup company located in Falls Church, Virginia (Washington, D.C.), USA. The service is hosted on Amazon's cloud computing infrastructure. It is built on open source, Java based technologies. The service should be considered "beta" quality. SeeSay constantly makes improvements to the system and updates the website. If you have questions or comments, please send an email to SeeSay was created by Ram Venkat, and he posts the links from his email on Twitter here.